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Llinos Ann Owen Wedding SingerLlinos has been performing from a young age at School choirs & plays, sunday school, and what’s known in Wales as the “Eisteddfod”. That was her platform for her future which gave her the unique, versatile voice and an amazing range she has today.

Llinos gained a BTEC in performing arts followed by a Degree in musical theatre, she’s also qualified in piano and clarinet. Whilst in college she co-wrote music with a student in 1998 which she used to raise money for the “Prince is Trust” and because of the good work she was invited to the “Opening of the Welsh Assembly” in Cardiff Castle along side artists like Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Michael Ball and many others which lead to an interview by ITV News Wales in respect of the new girl band in north wales “Pure Culture” being the up and coming new talent which gained the band a lot of publicity at the time. As part of the band we entered a few other compeitions “Star for a Night” with Jane Mcdonald and did very well, with some more local competitions behind them eventually as all bands do they decided to go their own way. Llinos often still performs with the co-writer of “Pure Culture” to date.

Llinos was choosen during the Performing Arts course in Bangor to perform in a pantomime as the main female part, which was “Rasus Cymylau” and played “Heulwen Haf” and this was done with a few proffessional actors and the main male part was played by Huw Garmon (from Hedd Wyn 1992 Nominated for an Oscar) so Llinos gained experience of working in the professional field and with Equity at a young age and still cherishes those oppertunity’s to date. Llinos also played many extra roles in various Welsh Drama’s & got the pleasure of working with the famous Rhys Ifans & his brother Llyr Ifans in “Pengelli“.

Llinos was also frequently asked to sing at “Treysgawen Hall Hotel Psychic Medium Evenings”, her voice was so pure it was a favorite amongst the mediums used to start the evening off by bringing the guests calm & togetherness. Because of this many of the mediums sponsered Llinos to record her first c.d which she still has to date.Whilst at Newcastle her Demo C.D was played at the “Copthorne Hotel” and “Lee Ryan and the Blue boys” heard the demo and wanted to speak to her and called her, in turn he gave her details of an agency in london that were looking for new talent and encouraged her to contact them, whilst comparing her voice to Eva Cassidy, they told her not to waste her talent. At this time Llinos decided to stay at University but kept in contact with Lee, having those comments really encouraged her to do well and persue her dreams.

Presently Llinos was able to establish herself the last couple of years and is now working on an album with Mary McGuire and a top producer in London, whilst doing this she has been performing at “Wedding Ceremonys” functions., and 50th wedding anniversary’s. She has regular work with Bupa care homes, and enjoys singing the older song’s to a receptive crowd.
Most recently Llinos sang at the “Emirates Stadium” for a 50th birthday party which was highly succesful and very memorable.

Llinos would like to thank her loving partner, family and friends for supporting her all the way through the good and difficult times.

And also for those who kindly gave advice and support out of the goodness of you hearts – I thank you.

If there the location is further then Essex & london location please don’t hesitate to consult as Llinos is willing to travel.